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Adding the Stop Location Column to Your Time Card Detail

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Normally the "Stop Location" column is not shown on the Time Card Details page, but can be added with the column manager. This will allow you to review and confirm the employees location when they clocked out.

Keep in mind that the employee generally does not select a location when clocking out. The ExakTime system will use the location that they clocked in to as their stop location as it is assumed that employees clock out when they are done working at a location. 

You can allow your employees to select their stop location when clocking out instead of letting the system automatically add it when possible. For more information regarding this, please refer to the following article: How To Use The Stop Location With ExakTime Mobile

  • Go to Time Cards and click on Time Card Detail.


  • Click on the Column Manager icon.


  • Click and drag the Stop Location option to the desired place on the time cards. Click Done when finished.


  • The Stop Location column will appear in the time card.


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