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Updating the GeoFence for a Location

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The GeoFence is a digital fence that radiates from the longitude/latitude coordinates associated with a location.

The longitude/latitude is first generated when you enter the address for a location or when it is imported from a CSV file (changing the address after the longitude/latitude has been generated does not re-generate it). If there is no available address for a location such as a service building alongside a road, you can enter the latitude/longitude for a location manually.

To review or update the GPS/GeoFence for a location, you will first go to Manage and click on Locations.


Click the edit icon to the left of a location to view its profile.


Click the GPS tab.


Once the longitude/latitude has been entered, a small PIN will appear and the GeoFence will appear as a green circle around the PIN.

From there, you can adjust the GPS coordinate by either adjusting the latitude and longitude or dragging the yellow point with your mouse.

The radius can be adjusted by clicking and dragging your mouse within the green circle.


For more information about the setup of the GeoFence, please refer to the following article: What Is The GeoFence?

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