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ExakTime Connect Security Roles Walkthrough

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The security role system in ExakTime Connect allows administrators of the system to give other employees access to various parts of the system. This, for example, is useful for allowing Supervisors to view reports, and time cards without being able to modify them.

Accessing Security Roles

To access Security Roles, go to Manage in the Menu Bar and click Security Roles.


Security Screen


  • A. View and Modify Security Roles for ExakTime Connect or ExakTime Mobile 
  • B. Add a Security Role
  • C. Security Roles - The roles that will grant certain employees permissions.
  • D. Delete This Role – Delete a Non-Default role. 
  • E. Edit Name – Edit the name of a Non-Default role. 
  • F. Available permissions.
  • G. Employee Members - Which employees are a part of the selected role.
  • H. ExakTime Connect Access - Allow members to access ExakTime Connect.
  • I. Permissions – What a role is allowed to do.

For a short explanation on the ExakTime Connect permissions and what they do, you can refer to the following article: ExakTime Connect Permissions And What They Do

Default Roles

There are 3 default roles for ExakTime Connect:

  • Administrator - Given full access to the website and their permissions cannot be changed.
  • Employee -  Given limited access to the website, but their permissions can be changed.
  • No Access - No power and cannot access ExakTime Connect. 

Employee Members


  • A. Search for a Specific employee among your Role’s Members  
  • B. Add/remove the employee from the selected security role. 

For assistance with assigning their ExakTime Security Role from within their Employee profile, please refer to the following article: How to Assign ExakTime Connect Security Roles

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