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ExakTime Mobile Quick Start

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We understand that it may be difficult to instruct your employees on how to set up and/or use ExakTime Mobile on a mobile device.

To help ease your employees into the use of ExakTime Mobile, we have also created some short printable guides for them to reference in English and Spanish linked below. They are intended to be printed double-sided and folded like a pamphlet to distribute among your employees.

It may not answer all their questions, but we hope that it answers a bulk of them so they can use ExakTime Mobile as quickly as possible.

Installing and Setting Up ExakTime Mobile

  • Search for and install "ExakTime Mobile" from the App Store (if using iOS) or the Play Store (if on Android).


  • After it has been downloaded and installed, open ExakTime Mobile to begin the setup process.


  • Press I Have A Company Setup Code.


  • Enter the company setup code that can be found on your Dashboard or within Mobile Devices under Manage and a name for the device (e.g. John's Phone or Office Tablet.) Click Setup when ready.


Using ExakTime Mobile

  • Open ExakTime Mobile


  • Enter your ExakTime Mobile PIN and press the arrow in the bottom right.


  • Press GO.


  • Select your current location.


  • Select your current cost code.


  • Perform additional tasks that your ExakTime Connect administrator has required of you such as a FaceFront photo, Equipment selection, etc.
  • You should receive a confirmation that the clock in was successful.


If you need to change your location or activity, press GO again and select the appropriate location and/or cost code.

You DO NOT need to press STOP to change your task.

If you press STOP your time will no longer be tracked.

Press STOP when you are off the clock (e.g. Lunch, End of Day, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I see a red X when I try to use my PIN?
A. The PIN you had entered is incorrect. Either try again or contact your ExakTime Administrator.

Q. What do I do if my phone is broken?
A. You can use a coworker’s device if necessary. They will need to logout so you can sign in with your PIN and clock in/out.

Q. Do I have to use the same device all day?
A. No, you can clock in and out on different devices throughout the day. Each punch is consolidated to create your resulting time card.

Q. What if I don’t have internet when I clock in/out?
A. ExakTime Mobile will store your records and send any unsent records on the next opportunity.

Q. Why do I see the wrong name in ExakTime Mobile?
A. If you do not see your name in ExakTime Mobile, logout of the app to return to the PIN entry screen and enter yours.

Q. How much data does ExakTime Mobile use?
A. 100 time punches with FaceFront photos will be around 1MB.

Q. When does ExakTime Mobile use the camera and the voice recording?
A. The camera is only used when clocking in/out and when taking a photo for a Field Note. The voice recording is only used for Field Notes.

Q. What if the location/cost code I need is missing?
A. If there is a location or cost code you expect to be there, but isn’t, sync ExakTime Mobile by pressing the ≡ in the top left and press the “Sync” button at the bottom.

Q. Why and how often does ExakTime Mobile sync?
A. Syncing is used to ensure that the information on the computer and ExakTime Mobile are consistent. How often ExakTime Mobile automatically syncs is dictated by your ExakTime Administrator. Syncing can be done manually by pressing the “Sync” button in ExakTime Mobile as well.

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