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How Can My Employees Share a Device with ExakTime Mobile?

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ExakTime Mobile is designed to allow multiple employees to share a device. ExakTime Mobile is not locked to any specific employee and as long as they have an ExakTime Mobile PIN, they can use any copy of ExakTime Mobile set up with your company.

All an employee has to do to share their device is log out. When an employee logs out, they are not clocked out automatically. This lets an employee clock in, log out, pass their device to another employee, and repeat the process. When the employees are clocking out, they would do the same thing.

Log Out Manually

To log out manually, an employee will press the three lines in the top left of ExakTime Mobile and press Log Out at the bottom of the menu.



Log Out Automatically for Everyone

You can also setup ExakTime Mobile to log out automatically after an employee clock in/out so they have one less step to perform. This is ideal for situations where employees will constantly share a device like a tablet set up as a kiosk for employees to share. If all of your devices need to log out an employee after a successful clock in/out,  you can set this up with Mobile Settings, which is used to standardize all copies of ExakTime Mobile for your company.

  • Go to Manage and click on Mobile Settings.


  • Enable Mobile Settings if it's currently disabled.


  • By default, the option for Auto-Logout should already be enabled. If it isn't, then enable it.


  • Press Save at the bottom if any changes were made. Your employees will need to sync their device so they receive any changes made.

 Log Out Automatically for Specific Devices

If this supposed to only be for specific devices such as a shared device at one location and personal devices at another, then you will not use Mobile Settings. If Mobile Settings has been enabled, you will want to disable it. Instead, you will need a user with sufficient permission on ExakTime Mobile such as an administrator to change the ExakTime Mobile app settings.

  • Press the menu button in the top left of ExakTime Mobile and press Settings.



  • If using Android, look for the setting "Log Out After Clock In/Out" and enable it. If using iOS, first press General, then enable the option.


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