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How to Add a Cost Code (Activity Item) in ExakTime Connect

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Adding a Cost Code is important for employees to indicate what they are doing at a location. By default, we offer an "In" and "Out" cost codes that cannot be inactive. The "In" cost code is used to denote that the employee is clocking in and to start tracking time. The "Out" cost code does not appear in the cost code list of ExakTime Connect or Mobile and is used when the employee clocks out by pressing "Stop" on ExakTime Mobile. Even though the "In" and "Out" cost codes can be renamed, as they are offered by default and cannot be removed from the system, it is advised that:

  • The "In" cost code should not be renamed unless if the new name is expected to be used forever such as a generic cost code and nothing specialized. Changing the name of a cost code will also change all past uses of the cost code, which can cause confusion when referring to historical data. 
  • The "Out" cost code should not be renamed in any circumstance as it can affect other parts of the ExakTime System. 

How to Add a Cost Code

  • To access the Cost Codes section, go to Manage in the Menu bar and click Cost Codes.


  • Click Add Cost Code.


  • The following page allows you to enter some information for a cost code, the only requirement for a new cost code is the description (name) of the cost code.


  • If an employee has their profile to see ExakTime Mobile in Spanish or French, the cost code description can be translated for the employee.
    It is advised to double-check the spelling and grammar if using the auto-translate option.


  • A color can also be associated to a cost code if you are using keytabs to allow for quick reference.


  • When finished, click Save if this is the only cost code you will be entering or Save and New if you would like to add another cost code.


For more information the cost code details page, please refer to the following article: In-Depth: Cost Code Details

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