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How to Approve Your Time Card on ExakTime Mobile

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This article goes over an upcoming feature to your ExakTime system. Once the feature is released, you can come back here to start using employee time card approvals on ExakTime Mobile.

When it is time for you to approve your time cards, you can do so from within ExakTime Mobile if your ExakTime Connect Administrator has enabled the option. You must be connected to the internet to approve your timecard to ensure that you are viewing the latest copy of your time card.

You should also approve your time card at the end of your pay period. Any records made after a time card approval will be quarantined and not reach your time cards until all approvals have been removed.

To begin, press the menu button () in the top left of ExakTime Mobile and press Approvals.




At the top of the page, you will see a summary of your hours. If you want to view a break down of your hours, press Details.


If there are any exceptions on your time card, you will see a small warning indicating what needs to be corrected. If there are any issues, you should contact the ExakTime Connect administrator with company approved channels to make the necessary corrections/adjustments.


If everything looks correct to you, press Approve. Depending on what has been enabled by your Administrator, you may see a message and/or need to enter a signature.


After approving your time card, you will see a small Approved icon in the top right of the approvals page.


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