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How to Disable a Copy of ExakTime Mobile

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Disabling a device can be used by an ExakTime Connect administrator to render ExakTime Mobile unusable on an employee's phone/tablet. This process is done from your ExakTime Connect website within the Mobile Devices section. Once disabled, the copy of ExakTime Mobile has one final opportunity to communicate and sent information such as a final time record. This is to ensure that you receive any final records/information before it is disabled. 

  • Go to Manage in the Menu Bar and click Mobile Devices.


  • Any devices currently connected to your account will be displayed in the upper “Approved Devices” area, while any disabled devices will be in the lower “Disabled Devices” area.


  • To disable a device, look for the appropriate device in “Approved Devices” and click Disable to the right of the device entry.

    The device nickname can be used to help identify the device. If you are unsure of the device nickname, knowing who last used a device can help.


  • Once the device has performed it's final communication, the employee will be brought to a screen like below indicating that their copy of ExakTime Mobile has been disabled and that they can reactivate it if they have the company setup code.


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