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How to Force Clock Out

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In a recent update to ExakTime Mobile, we introduced a setting that would prevent employees from clocking out if ExakTime Mobile does not detect that the employee is clocked in by graying out the STOP button. This is to help prevent employees from accidentally clocking out in the morning when they should be clocking in.

ExakTime Mobile determines this by connecting to your ExakTime Connect account and checking the employee's time card. If it does not see an employee's clock in, it prevents the pressing of the STOP button by graying it out. If the employee is using the same device throughout the day, this may not be an issue as their device already has the information that the employee has clocked in. If the mobile device(s) lack consistent internet access to determine this and the employees jump between multiples devices throughout the day, the employee can press a small i icon next to the STOP button to force a clock out.

If the i icon is not available, you will want to update ExakTime Mobile to version 2.60 at least.



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