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How to Use Exaktime Mobile to Navigate to or from a Location

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When using ExakTime Mobile, your employees can use it to help navigate them to or from a location as long as there are an address/GPS coordinates.

Enabling Permission

The employees would first need the option to either Add Locations so they can view additional location information and/or SiteHub. Either of these must first be enabled from ExakTime Connect for the ExakTime Mobile security roles.

  • Go to Manage and clicking Security Roles.


  • Under the ExakTime Mobile tab, you would select the security role to adjust or create a new one to assign.


  • On the right-hand side, enable either SiteHub and/or Locations under the Add section.


  • Press Save. Your employee will need to sync their copy of ExakTime Mobile so they receive these updated permissions.

What your employees will do

In ExakTime Mobile, your employee will first press the three lines in the top left and select the appropriate option given to them.


Using SiteHub

  • Press SiteHub.


  • If you are not viewing the correct location, press Locations in the top right and select the location that you would like to navigate to.


  • Scroll down towards the map where you can press Get Directions.


  • If using iOS, it will bring you to Apple maps. If using Android, you will be prompted of which mapping app to use. Navigate as you would normally.


Using the Locations List

  • Press Manage.


  • Press Locations.


  • Select the appropriate location.


  • If using iOS, scroll down and press Driving Directions. If using Android, press the three dots in the top right and press Navigate To. Navigate as you normally would.


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