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Quick Start Tutorial

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Welcome, and congratulations on your purchase of the ExakTime Connect system! We’re excited you’ve chosen us to manage your workforce, locations and labor data!

This guide will walk you through how to setup and begin to use your ExakTime Connect account. Follow the steps below. 

El siguiente artículo está también disponible en Español, en caso que usted lo prefiera: Instrucciones para Iniciar el uso de ExakTime Connect

How to Login to ExakTime

ExakTime Connect is a "cloud-based platform;" meaning you can login from any computer connected to the Internet.

Once you and your Trainer have set up your website URL and administrator login, you will return to the same webpage (yourcompany.timesummit.com) to access your account.

At the login page, enter your email address and the password.


Add and Edit Employee Information

Once you've logged in, you can begin setting up your employees right away.

  • From the menu bar, select Manage > Employees.


  • Click the plus sign labeled “Add Employee” to start your roster.


  • Enter an employee's information, then click the “Save" icon at the bottom of the window. The asterisks indicate which information is mandatory.


To edit and enter additional information for an employee after you’ve input their basic information:

  • Click the “pencil” icon located next to the Employee you wish to update from your employee list.


    Note: To upload a batch of names, locations or cost codes all at once, select Tools > Import from the main menu. For more information, click here for the CSV Import guide.

    Once back inside the Edit Employee screen, you can assign and edit a variety of Employee settings. For example, Employees who will be using Exaktime Mobile to clock in and out, will need authorization, and a secure PIN number assigned by the Administrator:

  • Scroll down towards Security Roles. 

  • Select the appropriate security role from the drop down menu, enter a PIN (4-10 numbers long), then click the “Save" icon at the bottom of the window. Each employee that uses ExakTime Mobile will need a unique PIN, and to be assigned to a role, which determines what features they can use.


Add and Edit Locations/Jobs

Adding your work locations is just as easy.

  • Navigate back to the dashboard, and select Manage > Locations from the menu bar.


  • Click the plus sign labeled “Add Location” to add a new location to your list.


  • Enter the location name and address.

  • Click on the GPS tab.


  • You will see the location on a map. Adjust the map's drop pin to the site's exact location.

  • Click the "save" icon at the bottom of the window.


Add Cost Codes

Follow the same process to add a Cost code:

  • Navigate back to the dashboard, and select Manage > Cost Codes from the menu bar.


  • Click the plus sign labeled “Add Cost Code” to add a new Cost Code. For example, you may want to add a “Labor” code, or “Travel” code, and associate an ID-number, if applicable.


  • Click the “Save” icon to save the new Cost Code.


Add a Mobile Device

To add a mobile device for an employee to clock in and out from, they will first need to download the app "ExakTime Mobile" from any major app store ( Google Play, Apple Store).

Navigate back to your Dashboard. Near the bottom of the window, you will see a unique company setup code that is time sensitive.


  • You will also find this number under Manage > Mobile Devices.


  • To send the company setup code to your Employee’s Mobile Device, click the plus sign labeled “Add a Mobile Device.”


  • The screen will display a pop up window with the unique company setup code, as well as an input field for the Employee’s mobile phone number. Enter the number, and click “Send.”


  • From the Employee’s phone, launch the ExakTime Mobile app, select “I have an company setup code.”


  • The Employee will enter the company setup code that was texted to them directly from your browser. (Text message fees may apply.)


Clocking In/Out Using the Mobile App

The ExakTime Mobile App is specifically designed to be used as a clock. Other mobile features available (but not discussed here), include the Site Hub, Field Notes, Team View and GeoTrakker. The following tutorial will walk you through how Employees punch in and out using the ExakTime Mobile application.

  • To begin, Employees will launch ExakTime Mobile on their mobile device. A number pad will be displayed.

  • They will enter their ExakTime Mobile PIN and press the arrow in the bottom right. A red “X” displayed after entering the PIN indicates it is either incorrect or not yet active (not shown).


    Once logged in, the app will default to the PocketClock screen.

  • Touch the “Go” button to log in.

  • Select the job location.

  • Select the job cost code, and, if prompted, take their FaceFront photo (optional).


With correct security permissions, mobile users will also be able to view logging History, team location in Team View, as well as Clock For others using the top menu bar of PocketClock. Administrators control ExakTime Mobile access within Manage > Security Roles.

To clock out using ExakTime Mobile, they’ll touch “Stop.”  They may be prompted to specify locations and to take another FaceFront photo. (Android Shown.)

View, Add and Edit Time

The Time Card Detail screen shows a breakdown of an employee’s reported time, location and cost code, along with any comments created by an administrator.

  • To access the Time Card Detail screen, go to “Time Cards” in the Menu Bar, then click “Time Card Detail.”


  • See Close Up. The screen will display an employee’s current time information in a summary box near the top menu, with Administrative action buttons (Add Time, Refresh Data, Print View, Email Employee, Approve Time, Approval History) arranged below.

    (Note: the action buttons displayed are based on the Administrator’s permission levels.)

  • Click the blue index card icon to quickly view employee contact information within a pop-up window.


  • To view an employee’s time card, you may need to expand the side screen by clicking the expansion arrow, then select the employee on the left hand side.


  • Select the appropriate date range in the top right.

  • Click the “View” button to view the employee’s time card detail.



Thank you for choosing ExakTime Connect to help manage your labor data. This guide was designed to help you set up and begin using your account.  We showed you how to:

  1. Log In to ExakTime Connect
  2. Add and Edit Employee Information
  3. Add Locations
  4. Add Cost Codes
  5. Add a Mobile Device
  6. Clock In Using the Mobile App
  7. View, Add, Edit Employee Time

Please make sure to check out our other Basic Tutorials and Advanced Guides as well as our Video Library for more helpful information on how to use our ExakTime Connect system.

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