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In-Depth: Cost Code Details

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Cost code details allow you to add additional information such as Spanish and French translations for Cost Codes and set the category.



The description of a cost code is a mandatory field that will be seen on ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile. The ID for a cost code is an optional field.


The cost code color is used:

  • With keytabs for easy identification of the expected cost code of a keytab.
  • For easy review with Scheduling.


There are language options for French or Spanish speakers so when they view cost codes within ExakTime Mobile when Clocking In, they would see the French or Spanish translation.

You can adjust the translation manually or you can use auto-translate.

When using auto-translate, keep in mind that the translation could be literal and may require manual adjustment.


Category is used to help organize Cost Codes within ExakTime Connect for listing and report purposes.

Field Notes


Field notes will show you any field notes created for a cost code.

Custom Fields


Custom fields allow you to associate extra information with a cost code. These custom fields are used primarily in the cost code list and the Time Card Details. By default, there are no custom fields associated to cost codes.

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