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In-Depth: Employee Details

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Employee details allow you to enter employee's information, specify who they can see within ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile, and what they can do within the system.

As there are multiple tabs for employee details, we have broken them down for easier reading.



  • First and Last Name: A mandatory field for the employee that will be interacting with ExakTime Connect and/or ExakTime Mobile. A middle name or suffix can also be entered, but are not required.
  • ID: An optional field to denote the employee ID.
  • Hire Date: An optional field to denote when an employee was hired.
  • Hourly Wage: An optional field used to calculate estimated payroll reports and estimated labor costs.
  • Policy Group: The policy group used to calculate an employees overtime, time rounds, auto-lunch, etc. New employees will be associated to the "Default" policy group.
  • Category: An optional field used to categorize an employee for easier reporting.


  • ExakTime Mobile Security Role: The security role for employees that will be using ExakTime Mobile. By default, we offer No Access, Employee, and Administrator.
  • PIN: If ExakTime Mobile has been enabled, a 4-10 digit PIN must be entered for the employee to use. The PIN can only be added/adjusted from ExakTime Connect.
  • ExakTime Connect Security Role: The security role for employees that will be using ExakTime Connect. By default, we offer No Access, Employee, Supervisor, and Administrator.
  • Username: The username that the employee would use to sign in to ExakTime Connect. 
  • Verification Status: When an employee has been given access to ExakTime Connect, they will receive an email to verify their email is valid. The verification status will begin as pending until the employee either verify their email or lets the verification email expire.
  • Email Address: The employee's email address that will be used to verify the account and set up their password.
  • Mobile and Home Phone: An optional field used for reference, or for the sending of the employee's ExakTime Mobile PIN if a Mobile Phone has been entered.


  • Date of Birth
  • Language: The language that the employee will see when using ExakTime Mobile. By default the language will be English, but can be changed to Spanish and French.


  • Address: An optional field for the employee's home address.


Viewsets allow you to limit the other employees that the employee can see within ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile.


Field Notes allow you to see field notes that refer to the employee being viewed. This will not show field notes sent by them, but show field notes about them.


Keytabs are used by employees to clock in and out on JobClock hardware.


Custom fields allow you to associate extra information with an employee. These will primarily be used in your Employee list and within the time card details.

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