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In-Depth: Expenses

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Expenses allows your employees to submit any work expenses right from ExakTime Mobile to you in the office on ExakTime Connect.

Enabling Expenses

Turning on expenses is done from the Company Settings.

Go to Manage and click on Company Settings.


Click on the Optional Features tab and enable Expenses.



Click Save at the bottom.

You may have to sign out then back in for the navigation bar to show expenses under Tools.

Permissions for Expenses

Allowing Access to Expenses in ExakTime Connect

To only allow certain users to access expenses on ExakTime Connect, you can tailor the ability within Security Roles. Administrators will have permanent access to this by default.

Go to "Manage" and click on "Security Roles."


Click on "ExakTime Connect."


Click on the role that should have access or create a new role. Administrators will have the option by default.


In the permissions to the right, enable the settings for expenses as needed.


Click "Save" at the bottom. 

Allowing Permission to Add Expenses from ExakTime Mobile

You can allow certain ExakTime Mobile users the ability to add expenses.

Go to "Manage" and click on "Security Roles."


Click on the ExakTime Mobile role that should have access or add a new security role.


In the permissions to the right, enable the ability to add Expenses.


Click "Save" at the bottom. 

Managing/Adding Expense Types

Expenses types are the variety of expenses that you expect from your employees such as fuel, supplies, etc.

Go to "Tools" and click on "Expenses."


Click on "Manage Expense Types."


Click on "Add Expense Type."


Enter an ID and a description of the expense.
Click "Add" when done or "Add & New" to continue adding more.


Adding Expenses

Adding Expenses within ExakTime Connect

Expenses can be added within ExakTime Connect for employees by an user with the appropriate permissions.

Go to "Tools" and click on "Expenses."


Click the employee that the expense should be associated to.


Click "Add Expense"


Enter the appropriate information such as the date of the expense, the type of expense and the amount. Additional information such as the location it should be associated to and any notes.


Adding Expenses with ExakTime Mobile

If in the appropriate ExakTime Mobile security role, an employee can add their own expense from ExakTime Mobile.

After signing in with their PIN they will click the three lines in the top left.


In the menu, tap "Expense"


They would enter the necessary information such as the expense type and amount then save the expense.


After an expense has been saved, it will be sent on the next sync.

Reviewing Expenses

Expenses created by ExakTime Connect and Mobile users can be reviewed by going to Tools and click on "Expenses."


In Expenses, the employee can be selected from the left to review their expenses on the right. 


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