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In-Depth: JobClock Hornet

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The JobClock Hornet is a physical device that allows your employees to clock in/out with their keytabs and send the records over cellular data. If the Hornet is in an area with poor cellular data coverage, it will store the records until it can send the records or the records can be collected and sent with a supported Android/iOS device.

We have also created a PDF version of this article that you can refer to.

JobClock Hornet User Manual




  • A. Wireless Status Lights - With a working Hornet battery, there will be up to 4 lights flashing for the battery, warning, outbox and signal. The lights will flash a certain pattern to indicate the status. You can find the light patterns in the section below.
  • B. Touchplate -  The touchplate is where employees can clock in/out, activate Bluetooth on the Hornet, or collect records with a FastTrakker Pro.



  • A: Serial Number - Used during the setup of your Hornet with ExakTime Connect.
  • B: Battery Panel and Light Legend - The battery panel covers the batteries and the power switch and has a legend for light patterns to help employees.
  • C: Charging Port and Manager Button - The charging port is used with the associated wall or car charger and contains the Manager Button.

Battery Compartment:

  • The battery compartment contains 2 batteries and the power switch.
  • The rechargeable black battery is used to power the entire Hornet from the wireless communication to the touchplate at the front.
  • The smaller non-rechargeable battery (Lithium 123) is the backup battery for the touchplate so employees can continue to clock in/out in the event that the large black battery has lost power. When using the lithium 123 battery, it will not send the records wirelessly until the large black battery has enough power.

Battery Life:

  • Rechargeable Hornet Battery: 20 days on average before needing to be recharged.
  • Non-Rechargeable JobClock Battery: 8 months on average before needing to be replaced.

Power Switch:

  • To turn on your Hornet, make sure the “1“ side is pushed down.

How to Clock In/Out

To clock in or out on your JobClock Hornet, an employee needs to tap the metal tip of your keytab to the metal touchplate of the JobClock Hornet. There will two small beeps/chirps indicating that the employee has clocked in/out successfully.


How Records Are Sent

With your JobClock Hornet, the records can be either sent automatically or collected with a device. Once the records have been successfully sent with any of the methods below, they will appear on your Time Cards for review.

  • Automatically - If a Hornet is able to communicate with a nearby cellular tower, it will send any records it has collected periodically. If the Hornet is not able to send the records automatically, it will try again the next time that the Hornet can make a valid connection with a cellular tower or collected with other means listed below.
  • Via Bluetooth - In the event that a Hornet is not able to establish a connection with a cellular tower for any reason, the records can be collected via Bluetooth with the ExakTime Mobile app.  Once collected, the records can be sent through the mobile device's internet.
    • The Android version of ExakTime Mobile can collection from any model Hornet.
    • The iOS version of ExakTime Mobile can only collect from Hornets with a serial number starting with 6200XXX
  • Via FastTrakker Pro - While we no longer offer new FastTrakker Pros, in the event that a Hornet is not able to establish a connection with a cellular tower for any reason, the records can be collected with a FastTrakker Pro supported Hornets. Supported Hornets have a serial number beginning with 6000XXXX, 6010XXXX, or 6012XXXX. 

Hornet Light Patterns

The Hornet lights will flash and flicker in specific ways to convey information quickly to workers at the jobsite.

Flashing Green/Flashing White:

Flashing green battery means the Hornet battery has adequate power, and flashing white signal means it has a stable enough connection to send records.


Flashing Green/Flashing Orange/Flashing White:

Flashing green battery means the Hornet battery has adequate power, flashing orange outbox means that it has records ready to send, and flashing white signal means it has a stable enough connection to send records.


Flashing Green/Flickering Orange/Flashing White:

Flashing green battery means the Hornet battery has adequate power, flickering orange means it is in the process of sending records to JobClock.NET, and flashing white signal means it has a stable enough connection to send records.


Flashing Red/Flashing White:

Flashing red battery means the Hornet battery is low and will need to be charged soon, and the flashing white signal means it has a stable enough connection to send records.


Flickering Red/Flashing White:

Flickering red battery means the Hornet battery is very low and is about to die. The Hornet must be charged to be able to sync. If the White Signal Light is flashing, it means that the Hornet still has enough signal to sync.


No Lights:

The Hornet battery has no power and can no longer send records or the Hornet power switch is turned off.


All Lights:

The Hornet failed to sync with its last communication. Generally resolved by rebooting the Hornet.


Special Patterns:

Flashing Green/Flashing Red:

Flashing green battery in combination with a flashing red alert indicates the Manager Button was held down while the Hornet was turning on.

Reset the Hornet by holding the manager button down and releasing when all lights flash together.

If the light pattern persists, you will need to power cycle the device.


Non Listed Light Pattern:

If you are seeing a light pattern that is not listed here, it is highly suggested to reboot the hornet. If the light pattern persists, power cycle the device.

If the light pattern persists and your Hornet is non-operational, you can contact us via chat or by emailing us at support@exaktime.com

JobClock Light Patterns

The lights around the JobClock touch plate will flash specific patterns to indicate it's status.

Flashing Green:

The JobClock has sufficient power and can accept KeyTab touches.


Alternating Green and Red:

The JobClock has low battery and should be replaced.


Simultaneous Green and Red:

The JobClock needs the current date/time. Most commonly due to being unable to communicate with a cellular tower after prolonged loss of power. Rebooting the Hornet will generally resolve this.


Flashing Blue:

The bluetooth of the JobClock is active allowing you to collect with JobClock reader on a compatible device.


Replacing the JobClock Battery

Along the back of the Hornet is a small panel secured with 4 phillips head screws. Remove the back panel will expose the two batteries of your JobClock Hornet.

While the larger Lithium-Ion battery does not need to be replaced as it can be recharged, the backup Lithium 123 battery can be replaced. When the Lithium 123 battery is inserted for the first time, there will be a brief loud noise if the battery is good.

Troubleshooting Tips

Hornet Not Sending Records Automatically

If your JobClock Hornet is not sending records automatically, check the environment that the Hornet is located in that could be preventing a usable signal, such as basements, metal containers, thick concrete, etc. or areas with no nearby cellular towers.

After relocating the Hornet, reboot the Hornet with any of the steps below.

If for whatever reason, your Hornet is unable to send records, then it would be best to collect from the device with a support device and send them through the supported devices internet connection.

Manager Button

Send Records

If you do not want to wait for the Hornet to send its records automatically, you can press and release the Manager Button to send them immediately.

Reboot Your Hornet

To reboot your Hornet, hold down the Manager Button for 5 seconds until the Hornet lights begin to flash on the front, then let go.

Power Cycling Your Hornet

Power cycling is used to resolve certain Hornet issues.

  • Power off Hornet (press it down on the 0)
  • Disconnect Hornet battery (long black battery)
  • Remove JobClock battery (small battery)
  • Wait 30 seconds
  • Replace JobClock battery. There should be a loud beep.
  • Reconnect Hornet battery
  • Power on Hornet (press it down on the 1)


For assistance with collecting records with an Android phone, please refer to the following article:

Collecting from Your Jobclock/EX or Jobclock Hornet via Bluetooth

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