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In-Depth: Location Details

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Location details allow you to enter the information for a location, specify where the location is based on the address and GPS, and what cost codes can be used with a location.

As there are multiple tabs for location details, we have broken them down for easier reading.



  • Location Name: A mandatory field for the location that will be shown in ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile.
  • ID: An optional field to denote the location ID.
  • Address: An optional field for the address for a location. If an address is entered, ExakTime Connect will try to generate a GPS coordinate for the location.


  • Contact Information: An optional field for information relating to the main contact for a location (e.g. Owner, manager, etc.).
  • Category: An optional drop-down field for use with reports and when viewing the location list.
  • Time Zone: The time zone that a location is located in. Used for Scheduling.
  • Start/End Time: The start and end time for a location. Used for Scheduling.


Location based policies are used to specify a daily overtime, in/out rounding, or shift rounding for any employees working at this location.


Upload pictures related to a location. These pictures are only seen within ExakTime Connect.


The GPS is initially based on the address from the "General" tab. The GPS can be further adjusted as needed.


JobClocks are physical devices used to clock in/out on with keytabs.


Field notes created for the location.


Viewsets allow you to specify what cost codes can be used with a location.


Custom Fields allow you to associate extra information with a location. These will primarily be used in your Location list and within the time card details.

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