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In-Depth: Location View for Time Card Details

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Location view on Time Card Details allows you to view your employees based on the locations they worked from your Time Card Details. When viewing an employee's time card, it will show all their time records from any location, but this will help you focus on employees that worked at specific locations.

The option for location view is available in your time card details above your employee search and list.


When you use the location view, the location list will appear and the employee list will readjust.


  • A. Employee/Location View - Switch between Employee or Location View
  • B. Location Search
  • C. Employee Search
  • D. Location List - Active locations and inactive locations with time will be listed here. If a location has been used by your employees in the current pay period, the location will have black text. Location that have not been used will have grey italicized text.
  • E. Employee List - Employees that selected a given location will be listed here.
  • F. Red Exclamation Point for Locations - If a location used by an employee has incomplete time, a red exclamation point will appear next to the location name.
  • G. Red Exclamation Point for Employees - If an employee's time card has any time records that require your attention, a red exclamation point will be shown next to their name. This can be caused by an incomplete time card or overlapping time records. This icon can be expected if you are viewing the current work week as your employees may be working at the time.
  • H. Inactive Icon - An inactive location listed will show this icon.
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