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In-Depth: Map View

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The Map View allows you to review an employees relative position when they clock in/out using ExakTime Mobile by using the location data generated on the mobile device used.

Accessing Map View

The Map View can be accessed from the Time Card Detail page by clicking on the globe to the left of an employee's time record with GPS data or by going to Tools and clicking on Map View.



Map View Page


  • A. Employee/Location List and Time Punch Information
  • B. Date that you are viewing
  • C. Punch Filter: Select the type of punches to view such as all punches, only clock ins, the most recent punch, or only punches outside of the GeoFence.
  • D. Legend: Brief explanation of symbols seen in the Map View.
  • E. Options: Change which employees are shown, the default punch filter, what punch details to show, etc.

Map View Tips

If there are multiple punches in the same area, they will be clustered with an icon indicating the number of punches in that cluster. Hovering over the icon will show you the employees in the cluster. Zooming in will break the clusters apart.


Hovering over the location pin will allow you to see the GeoFence for the location.


If an employee's clock in/out is outside of the GeoFence, a red icon will appear to indicate that they were outside of the GeoFence with a blueline that will indicate what location they are outside of the GeoFence for.


If multiple clock in/outs from the employees are close enough together and creating a cluster, there will be no blueline to avoid confusion.


Employee List

When viewing your list of employees, you can expand your employees to view their punches with an indicator of the source of the punches. Only punches created on ExakTime Mobile with GPS information will appear in the map.

  • Overview__Map_View__360008633994__Time_Card_Icon.png - Clicking this icon will bring you to the employee's time card.
  • Overview__Map_View__360008633994__Outside_GeoFence.png - Outside the GeoFence.
  • Overview__Map_View__360008633994__MapView_-_Icons.png - Source of the time records ( JobClock Hornet, ExakTime Mobile, ExakTime Connect, and System Generated)


Selecting Employees To View

Select any number or all of your employees to view all of their time punches with GPS data on the map.


Location List

The location list will show you any locations that have employees have clocked in/out to with GPS information. Selecting any location will show you who worked there and what cost codes were used.



GeoTrakker allows you to track the movement of an employee's mobile device.


For more information regarding the setup and use of GeoTrakker, please refer to the following article: In-Depth: GeoTrakker

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