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In-Depth: Reports

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Reports allow you to organize information in a simpler format for easy viewing and/or printing.

This article covers the general options available for Reporting. If you want to see a list of currently available reports with brief descriptions, please refer to: List Of Available Reports

Accessing Reports & Overview

Accessing Reports

If given permission, the reports section is accessible from the top menu bar.


Menu Overview


  • A. Reports List - List of available reports separated by the main topic.
  • B. Description - Short description of the selected report.
  • C. Favorite - Favoriting a report pins the report to the top of the list into the favorites section.
  • D. Report Options - Options available for reports that allow you to specify the date range, what information to display, and filtering out certain information.
  • E. View Report - Used to generate a report based on the date range and report options specified.

Report Options

Date Range

The date range specifies the time period of data that should be shown. This can be set to preset date ranges or can be custom.

For some reports that display general information that is not time-sensitive, such as list reports, the Date Range will have no effect. 



Formatting is used to format information for ease of viewing or including additional items such as a company name/logo. An important option available is to show total time in hours & minutes or decimals. For more information regarding time formats, please refer to the following article: Hours & Minutes and Decimal Time


  • Display Alternate Rows with Colored Bands: Differentiate between rows by including a light gray band every other row.
  • Display Company Name in Header: Display the company name as it is set up in your Company Settings at the top of the report.
  • Display Company Logo in the Header: Display the company logo uploaded to your Company Settings. If there is no logo uploaded, the ExakTime logo will instead be used.
  • Display Page Numbers in the Footer
  • Display Employee Names as the first name first or last name first.
  • Format Hours in Hours/Minutes with a colon or an h/m, or as decimal time.
  • Display zero time like other times in your report, a dash, or leave it blank.

Report Specific Options

Each report offers varying options to display information in a certain way or include additional information. The example below is a list of report specific options for the Employee Time Card report. They can vary from allowing certain IDs to be shown, group up or separate certain information, etc.



Filters are used to focus on selected information such as certain employees, locations and/or cost codes. This can help you take advantage of our currently offered reports to only show certain information.

For example, you may want to know how long a certain cost code was used at a location. After finding the report that shows you the information in the preferred format, you can use the location filter to show time records for a certain location and the cost code filter to show time records with a certain cost code. 

For more information about filters and how to use them, please refer to the following article: Report Filters


Viewing A Report

Clicking "View Report" at the bottom of the page will generate your report with the formatting and report specific options enabled. 


Your report will be generated on another tab/window where you have a series of options in the top left which will differ on the type of report.


Current Report Controls

The current report controls will present as:

  • A. Page navigator
  • B. View multiple or single pages
  • C. Zoom in/out
  • D. Print your report, print the currently viewed page, and save a PDF, XLS, XLSX or CSV copy.
  • E. Search your report

Old Report Controls

Some older reports will offer the following report controls:


  • A. Search
  • B. Print the currently viewed report.
  • C. Report Page Navigation.
  • D. Save the current report into the selected file type.
  • E. Selected file type for saving the report: XLSX, XLS, PDF, and CSV.

Possible Messages when Viewing a Report

Sorry, there's nothing to display for the report you requested.

The message "Sorry, there's nothing to display for the report you requested" is a common message that can be caused when viewing a report that has no relevant information for the date range selected or by having filters enabled with nothing selected.

The easiest way to confirm what is going on is to first review the employee's time card from the Time Card Details page. If there is no time on the employee's time cards, then you will want to focus more on why you have not received your employee's records yet.

If you do see that there is time for an employee on their time card and the issue not displaying any information, then you will want to focus on your filters. The filters may be restrictive enough to not let your report display the relevant information.

In the example below, we have selected to filter out anything not selected, but we have not selected anything. You would either select something to filter to, set the report to include All information, or clear all of your filters.


Sorry, there was a problem running the report. Please adjust your report options to include a smaller dataset.

The message "Sorry, there was a problem running the report. Please adjust your report options to include a smaller dataset." can appear when you try to view a report that includes a large volume of data. In the event of this, we would recommend adjusting your filters/date ranges for a smaller volume of data (e.g. instead of running a report for 4 continuous years, try two reports going over 2-year chunks.)

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