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FAQ: Adding KeyTabs to ExakTime Connect Without the Keytab Reader

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When a red keytab reader is not available, you can still add keytabs to ExakTime Connect by manually entering the serial numbers of the keytab.

Finding the Keytab Serial Number

On The Keytab

With the keytabs in hand, you can find the serial number for a keytab on the metal tip.

The serial number should appear like the image below.


The serial number will begin with the number in the top right, the number in the middle, finally the numbers in the top left.

From the example above, the full serial number will be 01000016F677BA2A.

After a JobClock Collection

If you do not have the keytabs in hand and the keytabs had already been used on a JobClock such as an employee using unassigned keytabs, the keytabs can still be added.

After you have collected records from your JobClock and synced them to your ExakTime Connect account through SyncCenter or JobClock Reader for Android, the necessary information should be ready.

  • Go to Tools and click on Collection Details.


  • Look for the records that were created with the unassigned keytabs. Make note of:
    • The time of the time punch
    • The serial number of the keytab

    The time of the time punch can help determine the color of keytab used. Clock ins are generally early in the day and clock outs are at the end of the day. Adding_KeyTabs_to_ExakTime_Connect_Without_the_Keytab_Reader__115004509313__Unassigned_Keytabs_Selected.png

Entering Serial Numbers Manually

  • Go to Manage in the top menu bar then click on Employees.


  • Find the employee that will be receiving the keytabs and click the “Edit” icon to the left of the employee name.


  • Click Keytabs.


  • Click Add Keytabs.


  • Enter the serial number for the keytab and select the cost code to be associated to the keytab. Click Add when satisfied.


  • Repeat this as necessary for any other keytabs for the employee.


  • Click Save when finished.
  • If the keytab was used prior to you adding the keytabs, the effective date may be inaccurate. The effective date should be adjusted to a time and date before the keytabs were used. After the saving the new keytabs, press the pencil icon to edit the effective date.
  • In the following window, select the date and time that the keytab should be assigned to the employee. Click Set Effective Date when ready.
  • Click Save after making your adjustments.

Understanding Effective Dates

Whenever a keytab is added/transferred to an employee, it will use the date and time of your computer  at the time of adding/transferring to determine the effective date. The effective date is the date and time of when any use of the keytab is associated with the employee it has been added to. The effective date cannot be made earlier than the first time a keytab was added to ExakTime Connect. If the keytab(s) already exist in the system, then you can adjust the effective date, but it cannot be made earlier than the previous effective date.

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