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Adding, Reading & Sending Field Notes in Exaktime Mobile

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Field notes allow you to send useful notes, pictures, and/or voice recordings to the office in ExakTime Connect. To access field notes, you must first be given the permission by an ExakTime Connect administrator.

Adding A Field Note

  • Press the menu button in the top left (≡) and press Field Notes from the menu.



  • Specify the subject of your field note such as an employee or location by pressing the + icon.


  • Enter any comments/notes, take a photo with the camera, attach a photo from your gallery, or record a voice note.


  • Press Save when finished. On iOS, the Save button is at the top right. On Android, the Save button is at the bottom.


Sending Your Field Notes To ExakTime Connect

After saving your field note, it will not be sent to ExakTime Connect until ExakTime Mobile Syncs. You can do this manually by pressing the Sync button which can be found at the top of the Time Clock screen or at the bottom of the Menu.



Reading Field Notes

To review past field notes created within the past two weeks, you can press the History tab in the Field Notes section. The History tab is found at the bottom on iOS, while it is found at the top on Android.


You will see the past field notes created from the past two weeks that you can review. If a field note has not yet been sent, you can edit it further before it is sent.


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