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In-Depth: Time Card Approval

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Time Card Approvals can be used to ensure that the time that an employee has worked is correct from the perspective of the employee, their supervisor and/or office administrator for a given pay period.

There are three levels of approval.

  • Employee Approval: The employee can approve/unapprove the time they will receive for a pay period.
  • Supervisor Approval: The supervisor can approve/unapprove the time an employee will receive for the pay period.
  • Sign Off: The ExakTime Administrator can sign off on a time card to deem it complete and suitable for payroll. When an employee's time card has been "Signed Off" the lower-level approvals can not be removed.

Employee approvals can be done from ExakTime Connect or from ExakTime Mobile in an upcoming update. Supervisor approvals and Sign Offs can only be done within ExakTime Connect at this time.

Once a time card has been approved, future records from the field will not reach the employee's time card, but will instead go into a Quarantined Time section. The records will sit in the Quarantined Time section until all time card approvals have been removed. For more information regarding Quarantined Time, you can refer to the following article: Quarantined Time

Please Note: Parts of this article goes over Employee Time Card Approvals on ExakTime Mobile, an upcoming feature to your ExakTime system. Once the feature is released, you can come back here to get started using with employee time card approvals on ExakTime Mobile.

Enable Time Card Approval for your Account

To begin tracking time card approvals for your ExakTime Connect system, you will need to enable it first.

  • Go to Manage and click on Company Settings.


  • Click on the Time & Attendance tab.


  • Check on Enable Time Card Approval.


Setting up Time Card Approval Options

Time Card Approval Reminders/Notifications

Employee and supervisors can be reminded to approve their time cards twice for a pay period. Supervisors can also receive email notifications as employees approve their time cards and when all employees have approved their time cards.

  • Go to Manage and click on Company Settings.


  • Click on the Time Card Approval tab.


  • Employees and supervisors can be emailed if necessary to remind them to approve their/other time cards and supervisors can be emailed when each or all employees have approved their time.

    Please Note: An employee is considered a supervisor if they have employees in their viewset AND they are not set to view All Employees. If an employee is set to view all employees, they will not receive any notifications.Overview__Time_Card_Approval__228592828__Notifications.png

  • Employee Approval, Supervisor Approval and Sign Off sections are used to indicate who has access to which approval level.

Message and Signature for Time Card Approvals on ExakTime Mobile

By default, the Mobile Time Card Approval will only have the employee push an Approve button. You can require them to enter a signature and/or see an approval message.

  • Go to Manage and click on Company Settings.


  • Click on the Time Card Approval tab.


  • Scroll down and expand the "Mobile Approval Message and Signature Options" section.
    Enable the employee signature requirement and/or the approval message.
    After entering the approval message, you can enter the Spanish and French translations as needed.


  • Press Save.

Enabling Approval Permissions

After Time Card Approvals has been enabled for your ExakTime system, you will need to specify which security roles can approve time and at what level.

For ExakTime Connect

To allow an employee or supervisor/office administrator to approve their own or other time cards in ExakTime Connect, their security role must have the necessary permissions. Administrators will be able to approve their own time and can sign off on employees time cards by default and this cannot be changed.

  • To begin, go to Manage and click on Security Roles.


  • Select ExakTime Connect to view your security roles.


  • On the left-hand side will be a list of available roles. By default, we offer Administrator and Employee. More roles can be created for other groups of employees if necessary. The Administrator role cannot be adjusted. On the right will be the available permissions.


  • You will need to enable the following permissions for any Non-Administrator role; Time Card Approvals and My Time Card. You can also enable an option to let employees approve time cards that contain exceptions (incomplete and/or overlapping time records).

    Time Card Approval has three available options.

    • No Access - No access to Time Card Approvals.
    • Employee – Approve their own time for the pay period.
    • Supervisor - Approve other employees as a Supervisor for the pay period.
    • Sign Off – Approve their own time and sign off other employees time at the Administrative level.

    Note: You cannot have both Supervisor and Sign Off approval.

    My Time Card has two available options.

    • No Access - No access to My Time Card.
    • Access All - Access all options listed.
    • View – View their own time.
    • Edit – Edit their own time.
    • Delete – Delete a time record.

    Approve Time Cards That Contain Exceptions lets you allow time cards to be approved if they contain exceptions (incomplete and/or overlapping time records).



For Employee Approval in ExakTime Mobile

For an employee to approve their own time in ExakTime Mobile, you will first need to enable the permission(s) for their ExakTime Mobile security role.

  • Go to Manage and click on Security Roles.


  • Under the ExakTime Mobile tab, select the security role that will be approving their own time card. You can also add a new security role if needed. Administrators will have this enabled by default.


  • Enable "Can Approve Own Time Card."
    • "Can Approve Time Cards That Have Exceptions" allows employees to approve their time card even if their time card is incomplete or needs to be corrected e.g. the employee forgot to clock in or out on a day, overlapping time, etc.


  • Press Save.

How To Approve Your Time Card

In ExakTime Connect

When you or an employee is ready to approve their time in ExakTime Connect, you would first sign in to your account through a supported web browser.

  • Go to Time Cards in the top menu bar, then click on My Time Card to show the time card of the employee currently signed in. If the employee only has access to My Time Card, then My Time Card will appear in the menu bar instead.


  • Check the date range and make sure that it is the correct pay period to be approved. A time card cannot be approved if you are viewing a pay week or custom date range.
  • After the time card has been reviewed and everything appears to be correct, click Approve Time


In ExakTime Mobile

When it is time for your employees to approve their time, they will press the menu button () in the top left of ExakTime Mobile and press Approvals. The employee must have an internet connection to approve their time. This is to ensure that they are viewing and approving the latest copy of their time card. The employees must also approve at the end of the pay period. Approving their time before their pay period ends can result in future time records going into Quarantined time.




  • The employee will first see a summary of their hours for their time card. If they want to view a breakdown of their hours, they can press Details.


  • If there are any exceptions on their time card, they will see a small warning indicating what is going on. If there are any issues, they should contact the ExakTime Connect administrator with company approved channels to make the necessary corrections/adjustments.


  • When the employees are ready to approve their time cards, they will press the Approve button. Your employees will be presented with a message and/or signature.


  • After a time card has been approved, employees will see a small Approved icon in the top right of the approvals page.


How to Approve Other Time Cards In ExakTime Connect

In Time Card Detail

Approving a time card from the time card details allows you to better understand what an employee did throughout the day and focus on individuals.

  • Go to Time Cards in the top menu bar, then click on Time Card Detail.


  • Check your date range and make sure that it is the appropriate pay period. You cannot approve time for a pay week or custom date range.
  • After the time card has been reviewed and everything appears to be correct, click Approve Time


In Time Card Summary

Approving time cards from the time card summary allows you to review and approve employees times in bulk making it quick and easy for large groups.

  • Go to Time Cards in the top menu bar, then click Time Card Summary.


  • Check your date range and make sure that it is the appropriate pay period. You cannot approve time for a pay week or custom date range.
  • You will see a list of employees with columns on the right that indicate the employee approval, supervisor approval, and sign off. Depending on the level of permission, a checkbox will appear underneath the column for your level of approval. Click the checkbox to approve an employee's time card.


  • You can do a Quick Sign Off or Unapprove All to approve/unapprove all available employees quickly. The number in the button indicates the amount of employees that will be approved.


Reviewing Approvals

After a time card has been approved or signed off, time card approvals can be reviewed in four places on ExakTime Connect: My Time Card, Time Card Summary, Time Card Details, and the Employee Touch Detail report. 


On My Time Card

My Time Card will show you approvals done for your own time card and would be predominantly used by standard Employees.


If employees approved their time from ExakTime Mobile and provided a signature, a Signed icon will appear and let them review their signature.


On Time Card Summary

The Time Card Summary will show you approvals for multiple employees.


If employees approved their time from ExakTime Mobile and provided a signature, a signature column can be added and let you review their signature.


On Time Card Details

Time Card Details lets you see the approvals for the employee selected.


If employees approved their time from ExakTime Mobile and provided a signature, a Signed icon will appear and let you review their signature.


With Employee Touch Detail Report

With the Employee Touch Detail Report, you can enable a report specific option for the Touch Detail report to view employee approval/signatures for the specified pay periods. For more information regarding reports, you can refer to the following article: Reports Walkthrough



Reviewing Approval History

While reviewing approvals for from My Time Card, Time Card Summary, or Time Card Details, you can use the Approvals History to see when a time card was approved or unapproved, when it was done, by who, and if it was done on ExakTime Mobile or ExakTime Connect.

In Time Card Summary

The time card summary will show all time card approvals and unapprovals done by your employees.

Click the Approval History tab to review this information.



In My Time Card/Time Card Details

If you are viewing the Time Card Details, you will first need to select an employee.

Click on Approval History to see a list of who approved/unapproved time, when, and from where.



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