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Why Do I See an X When I Try to Login to ExakTime Mobile?

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When trying to log into ExakTime Mobile and the PIN is not recognized, you will receive an X with an indication of an invalid pin in red.


Older versions of ExakTime Mobile can look like the screen below. Depending on the version of ExakTime Mobile in use, the screen could look similar to the above image but have just the X as seen below.


Please confirm that the PIN being entered is correct and associated to an active employee.

If the device is not connected to the internet and the PIN was recently set up, ExakTime Mobile will not be able to validate the PIN until it is connected to the internet.

If you are unsure of the PIN that should be used, please refer to the following article for more information on looking up an employee's PIN: How Do I Setup, Reset or Look Up Someone's PIN Code?

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