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Where to Put Your Jobclock at a Job Site

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JobClocks can be placed almost anywhere. While they are designed to be weather-resistant, we still recommend placing them in a protected area that your employees can readily access or congregate around such as a break area.

You can padlock your JobClock to almost anything, including workboxes, gas meters, hose bibs, wood framing, walls, trees, or plumbing, as well as inside trucks or trailers, toolboxes or fencing.


If using a JobClock Hornet, avoid placing it in a location that could cause signal interference such as a metal container.

To further protect your investment in JobClocks, you could use a lock and cable for your Hornet or the JobClock Lockbox™, a protective enclosure for your JobClock/EX or JobClock/LE. Contact ExakTime for more details.

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