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What is AccountLinx?

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AccountLinx is a program that is installed on a Windows based computer which allows you to export the information from your ExakTime Connect account into a usable format for a supported accounting package such as QuickBooks.

After the program has been installed on a Windows based computer, the administrator will use AccountLinx to help bridge the communication between your ExakTime Connect and your accounting package. To achieve this, the administrator will associate the employees, locations and cost codes from ExakTime Connect to your accounting package.

After making your associations, you will select the appropriate employees with time records to export. Depending on your accounting package, the time can either be exported directly into your package or the time data will be exported into a file pre-formatted for your accounting package to export.

Assistance can be provided via our Live Chat or by clicking here.

For a list of supported accounting packages and job-costing applications, please click here.

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