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Adjusting for DST on a JobClock using the FastTrakker Pro

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Daylight Saving Time changes are on the second Sunday of March and the first Sunday of November. You will need to set the time on ALL of your JobClocks if you live in a DST time zone. For the JobClock, you will need to use a FastTrakker Pro and SyncCenter.


If you have not yet setup your time zone in ExakTime Connect, please refer to the following article: Time Zone & Daylight Saving Settings. This is used to help determine if your hardware should adjust for Daylight Saving Time based on your area/time zone.

The JobClock date and time are automatically set by the FastTrakker Pro when you collect time records. On the second Sunday of March and the first Sunday of November, your computer will automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time. Once this happens, when you connect your FastTrakker Pro devices, they will ALSO be adjusted for Daylight Saving Time.

Follow the steps below to update all of your FastTrakker Pros and JobClocks AFTER the Daylight Saving Time change on Sunday morning and BEFORE employees clock in on Monday.

CAUTION: It is important that when you do adjust your JobClocks, the change must be performed before any of your employees have clocked in. Resetting the time in the middle of the day will require you to manually adjust these time entries forward one hour in ExakTime Connect to achieve an accurate payroll.

Please note: If employees are working during the DST time change, this will require manual adjustment on the employees respective time card.

  • On your PC, open SyncCenter.
  • One at a time, connect each FastTrakker Pro to your PC while SyncCenter is open. It should automatically collect any uncollected sessions and update the time on the FastTrakker Pro. If not, you can click FastTrakker in SyncCenter and click Update. It will collect any uncollected sessions and update the time on the FastTrakker Pro.
  • Collect the records from each JobClock using one of your FastTrakker Pro devices (Note: You should attempt a collection even if there are no records to collect.) This updates the JobClock to the correct time. Do this BEFORE anyone clocks in on the Monday following the change to Daylight Saving Time. Time records already on the clock will NOT be updated by this change in time.

Note: If you forget to adjust the time during the DST time change weekend, your JobClocks will still accurately calculate the total time worked. However, the times will be shifted by one hour.

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