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Adjusting for Daylight Saving Time on a Hornet

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Your JobClock Hornet will attempt to update its time automatically on the morning of the Daylight Saving Time change based on your time zone settings in ExakTime Connect.

If you are unsure of your Time Zone settings, you can refer to the following article: Time Zone & Daylight Saving Settings

Please note: If employees are working during the DST time change, this will require manual adjustment on the employees respective time card.

Note: If the cellular tower that the Hornet is connecting to has not updated, then the Hornet will not be able to get a corrected time. Rebooting the Hornet is a good way to ensure the time change occurs. To do this:

  • Between the Sunday immediately following the time change and Monday morning before anyone has clocked in, press and hold the Manager Button on the back of the Hornet for about 5 to 8 seconds, then release it.
  • The four lights at the front of the Hornet will begin to flash in a pattern. The Manager Button should NOT be held down during this.
  • This will reboot the Hornet and prompt it to get the new time from the cell tower when it completes the reboot.
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