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Differences between Categories and Groups

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Categories and groups are two options in our system that help organize certain information for ExakTime Connect or ExakTime Mobile use.

Categories are used for ExakTime Connect for easier reporting, separating items in certain lists, and employees within AccountLinx.

Groups are used to group up employees, locations, or cost codes for easier list navigation in ExakTime Mobile. Employee groups can be used with viewsets for easier employee viewsetting.

When To Use Categories

While this article goes over the broad idea of categories, you can refer to the following article for more information on the setup of categories: In-Depth: Categories

Categories are best used for report filters to quickly filter to entities with a certain category. For example, you can assign a category to your employees if they are a temp or subcontractor. When you generate a report, you can use your filter to specify "Only show me time from employees that have the category Temp and/or Subcontractor" instead of selecting each employee individually. This can be expanded to departments, regions, etc.


Categories can also be used for sorting of information in their respective lists. This category can be added as a column or can be used to bundle employees with a shared category.


Within AccountLinx, categories can be used to separate employees so if you need to only export employees in a certain category, you can quickly select them instead of selecting individually.


When To Use Groups

While this article goes over the broad idea of groups, you can refer to the following article for more information on the setup of categories: In-Depth: Crews/Groups

If creating employee groups, you can also use them with viewsets so you can set the viewsets for multiple employees quickly: Employee Viewsets

Groups are best used when you have a large list of employees, locations, and/or cost codes that your employees are having trouble navigating ExakTime Mobile.

Once a group has been created, it will display like our examples below to make it easier for your employees to find what they need.




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