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Using Viewsets and Groups to Limit Available Cost Codes

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Cost codes are used to track certain actions of your employees, but depending on the level of detail needed can make the cost code list longer than desired.

To help make the cost code list more manageable for employees using ExakTime Mobile we have two possible options: Locations Viewsets or Groups.

Location viewsets can be used to limit what cost codes can be used for a location.

Groups can be used to organize cost codes so employees can focus on certain groupings of cost codes.

Location Viewsets

Location viewsets are strict and will not allow the use of a cost code that is not included in the viewset. 

Setting Up Location Viewsets

  • Go to Manage at the top, then click on Locations.
  • Click on the small pencil icon to the left of a location name to look at their details.
  • Click on Viewsets.
  • Specify what cost codes are allowed to be used for this location.
  • When satisfied, press Save at the bottom.

What the Employees See When Using Location Viewsets

When employees clock in to a location, they will normally be present with all available cost codes like the example below.


With Location Viewsets enabled, it will limit the available cost codes. They will only be able to see and choose from the available cost codes.


Cost Code Groups

Cost code groups are flexible and help consolidate similar cost codes so it is easier for your employees to find what they need. 

Enabling Groups

  • Go to Manage then click on Company Settings.


  • Click on Other.


  • Check the checkbox for Show employee, cost code, and locations groups in ExakTime Mobile.


  • Click Save.

Setting Up Cost Code Groups

  • Go to Manage and click on Groups.
  • Click on Cost Code Groups.
  • Click on Add Cost Code Group.
  • Enter a name for your group.
  • Specify the cost codes that should be part of this group.
  • Once finished, enable the group to be viewable in ExakTime Mobile.

What the Employees See When Using Cost Code Groups

When using ExakTime Mobile, employees will see the group names first when clocking in for themselves or for others.

After a selection has been made, ExakTime Mobile will show the last used group for the next clock in to speed up the process. This is called "sticky groups."

To leave a sticky group, they will need to back out of the group they are currently viewing.


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