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Certified Locations and the Certified Job Worksheet Report

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Once a location has been set to be "Certified," it can be used our certified job worksheet report for easy reference. If a location has not been set to be "Certified," it will never appear in the Certified Job Worksheet.

Setting A Location To Be Certified

  • Go to Manage and click on Locations.


  • Press the pencil icon to the left of your certified location.


  • Click on the Custom Fields tab.


  • One of the options will be "Job Type" with a drop-down menu that allows you to set the location to be Certified.


  • Save when finished.

Using The Certified Job Worksheet Report

  • Go to Reports.


  • Under the Location section will be the Certified Job Worksheet.


  • The report specific options allow the following:


  • When generating the report, it will appear like the example below and can be saved as for Excel, as a PDF or CSV for reference purposes.


For more information about reports, you can refer to the following article: Reports Walkthrough

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