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Using the Employee Time Card Reports

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ExakTime Connect features two employee Time Card reports: "Employee Time Card" and "Employee Time Card by Week".

Employee Time Card displays daily, weekly and total employee hours worked for a given date range in a time card format suitable to give to employees, and it includes an optional employee signature line. This report is good for running one to two weeks worth of data.

Employee Time Card by Week displays daily, weekly, and total employee hours worked for a given date range in a time card format suitable to give to employees. It also includes an optional employee signature line. This reports is best used if you need to use the Time Card report but need to see beyond two weeks worth of records.

To access these, go to Reports, and expand the Employee section on the left. From there, you can select either Time Card or Time Card by Week.


Like most reports, set the date range for the data you would like to pull. You can adjust certain aspects under the Formatting section and use the Filter section to exclude Employees, Locations, or Cost Codes.

For more information regarding filters, please refer to the following article: Report Filters

Employee Time Card Report

The Employee Time Card report will give you an individual total for day each within the selected date range, a weekly total broken into Regular and Overtime hours and then a total for the full date range. You can sort and refine the report using its Report Specific Options.


  • Show Employee ID: Have the report include employee IDs
  • Show Location ID: Have the report show location IDs
  • Show Cost Code ID: Include Code Cost IDs on the report
  • Sort by: Sort the employees shown by their names or IDs
  • Group by Category: Group included employees by categories in the report. For additional information on categories, see the article: Overview: Categories 
  • Show each Employee on a separate page: Only show one employee's time per page; one employee can have multiple pages tied to them
  • Show Signature Line: Add a signature line to the report allowing employees to sign-off on the Time Card; use the text box to input a message to appear below the signature line

 The image below shows the appearance of the report and the type of totals you can expect to see.

  1. Shows the Daily Total after for each corresponding column (Monday, Tuesday, and so on)
  2. Total for the entire date range selected
  3. A weekly total separated into Regular, Overtime, and Overtime 2


Employee Time Card by Week

Time Card and Time Card by Week share the same Report Specific Options. Additionally, they show the same totals; however, Time Card by Week is formatted to show beyond two weeks worth of information. 

Employee Time Card by Week favors a vertical format separated by week allowing it to continue to add each individual week below the previous. Viewing more than two weeks continues this format going onto separate pages as needed. Employee Time Card displays horizontally; if you view this report for more than two weeks, it can become difficult to read as it attempts to fit everything onto a landscape page.


For more information regarding reports, please refer to the following article: Reports Walkthrough

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