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Disabling Battery Optimizations for Android Devices for GeoTrakker

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Battery optimization is a setting present in Android devices to help preserve the device's battery throughout the day. While this may be advantageous to the general consumer, it can affect the performance of mobile apps, such as ExakTime Mobile and GeoTrakker. GeoTrakker functions ideally with ExakTime Mobile running in the foreground or the background constantly. Battery optimization hampers GeoTrakker by suspending or closing ExakTime Mobile in the background to preserve battery automatically. Once suspended or closed, GeoTrakker will not function properly.

As Android devices can be customized by the manufacturer, the steps to whitelist ExakTime Mobile from battery optimization, we will try to provide generalized steps below and more precise steps as we can.

Samsung devices have an aggressive battery monitor built in that can auto-close apps it sees as using too much battery when not being directly used. Any employees that are using Samsung Devices can follow these steps to whitelist the Exaktime Mobile app from these settings to see if that will remedy this issue.  

  • Open the phones Settings menu by pulling the notification shade down and clicking the Gear icon in the upper right hand corner or navigating to Settings from the app list. 
  • Navigate to Device Maintenance and Ensure Power-Saving is Off.
  • Depending on model of phone you can click Battery on this screen if you do not see the Unmonitored Apps option. If you click on Battery please scroll down till you see the Unmonitored Apps option and press it. 
  • On the Unmonitored Apps section you can click +Add App and add the Exaktime Mobile app to this list. 
  • Navigate to Always Sleeping Apps. Ensure Exaktime Mobile is not included in this list. 
  • You may need to close out and reopen ExakTime Mobile after it has been initially added. 

It is also important to note that Samsung phones may have notifications throughout the day asking users to "Optimize". Using this feature will put apps that are in the background to sleep. Also ensure Data Saver is not enabled under Settings > Connections > Data Usage.

For Non-Samsung Android devices, there is a battery saver option called Doze Mode. Doze Mode will cause the phone to stop sending and receiving data after a period of time where the screen is off.

Android Version 9.0

  • Go to the Settings menu and press Apps & Notifications.
  • Look for ExakTime Mobile in the apps list and press it.
  • Press Advanced to show more options.
  • Press the Battery option.
  • Under Battery Optimization, if it says "Optimizing Battery Use," press Battery Optimization.
  • Near the stop will be a drop down menu. Press the menu to switch from Not Optimized to All Apps.
  • Find the ExakTime Mobile to whitelist, press it and choose Don't Optimize.

Android Version 8.0

  • Go to the Settings menu and press Battery. 
  • Press the Menu icon ⋮ symbol in the top right corner and press Battery optimization.
  • Near the stop will be a drop down menu. Press the menu to switch from Not Optimized to All Apps.
  • Find the ExakTime Mobile to whitelist, press it and choose Don't Optimize.

For the newest Android 9.0 versions, most likely seen on the Google Pixel Phones and newer non-Samsung android phones, there will be a setting called Adaptive Battery This is similar to Samsung’s battery monitor as it will ‘learn’ how apps are being used and put them to sleep and stop sending data for that app based on its own internal algorithms. We do recommend turning this feature off by navigating to Settings Battery Adaptive Battery.

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