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Setting Up An Employee To Review Their Time On ExakTime Connect

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Employees can be given limited access to ExakTime Connect so they review their time card and even approve their time card for the pay period. After you have added and saved an email for an employee, they will receive an email to create their password to log in.

For other options to allow your employees to review their time, you can refer to the following article: How Can My Employees Review Their Time?

Setting Up Your Employee Security Role

The ExakTime Connect Security Role assigned to an employee determines if they can view their time card and what they can do in ExakTime Connect. By default, the employee security role will only employees to view their own time card. You can change the permissions however to allow editing of the time card or other ExakTime Connect permissions.

  • Go to Manage and click on Security Roles.


  • Go to the ExakTime Connect security roles.


  • If you are adjusting the default Employee role, click on it. If you are creating a new role, click Add Security Role and enter an appropriate name for the role.


  • On the right-hand side, look for and enable the necessary permission for My Time Card:
    • No Access: No access to "My Time Cards."
    • Access All: Allows role member(s) to view, edit, and delete time records.
    • View: Allow member(s) to only view time cards.
    • Edit: Allow member(s) to edit and view time cards.
    • Delete: Allow member(s) to delete and view time cards.

    If needed, you can also enable other permissions for the security role. For more information regarding the other permissions and what they do, please refer to the following article: ExakTime Connect Permissions And What They Do


  • Press Save when finished.

Assigning The Security Role

After the security role has been created, it must be assigned to an employee. When assigning the ExakTime Connect security role, an email is required. This email will be used to help set up the employees password and for signing in to ExakTime Connect.

  • Go to Manage in the Menu bar and select Employees.


  • Click the blue pencil icon to the left of an Employee’s name.


  • Scroll to the "Security Roles" section. For the "ExakTime Connect Security Role" and select the appropriate security role.
    • Enter the email and username of the employee if the fields are blank. 


  • Press Save when finished. After saving, an email will be sent to the employee where they will verify their email and create their password similar to the email below. Once their password has been created, they will be able to login to ExakTime Connect with their username and newly created password.


What The Employee Sees

When the employee signs in to ExakTime Connect, they will see their time card like below. They may see other options in the menu bar if you enabled other permissions.


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