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Timestamp Cost Codes

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Timestamps are a unique function used to track cost codes in a very specific way.

If enabled, Timestamps will allow you to use a cost code to track an event, but will not track time elapsed for that event. When the cost code is used, it will generate an identical start and stop time on the employee's time card.

For example: If you have a security guard who needs to denote that they checked a secured entry as part of their security sweep, you could have them clock into a Cost Code called "Gate Check" and set "Gate Check" to be a Timestamp.

Enabling Timestamps

Go to "Manage" and click on "Company Settings."


Click on "Other."


Check on "Enable timestamp cost codes."


Click "Save."

Setting a Cost Code as a Timestamp.

Go to "Manage" and click on "Cost Codes."


Click the Pencil icon to the left of a cost code.


Click the checkbox for timestamps.


Click "Save." 

Using Timestamps

Cost codes can only be used from ExakTime Mobile so administrators will not be able to use a timestamp cost code when entering in time manually.

Employees will not change their clock in process.

They will still need to click "GO," pick their location and pick their cost code.

How Timestamps Appear on the Time Card Detail

As the timestamps are designed to only track an event, the record will appear with no time duration. In our example below, the cost code "Check In" has been made into a timestamp to mark a specific event.


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