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Time Card Time Entry Settings

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The Time Card Time Entry settings are used to prevent an employee from receiving more hours than expected. The 2 options available are: 

  • A warning if you edit an employees record over a certain threshold. 
  • The prevention of a time record from being entered if it exceeds a certain threshold.

Setting Up Time Card Time Entry Rules

Go to Manage and click on Company Settings.


Click on Time & Attendance.


Scroll towards the bottom and adjust the amount of hours that are allowed for a single time record and for how many hours should be allowed before a warning appears.


Save your change.

How The Restrictions Work

If the record exceeds the threshold for the warning, you will see the following message.


When trying to edit a time record to go over your maximum threshold, you will see the following message.


If the time record originated from the field and exceeded the maximum allowable hours, the clock in and clock out are separated to two separate lines. An administrator will need to edit the time record so they are complete and do not exceed the maximum threshold.


Problem From Time Entry Settings

A common problem caused by Time Entry settings is multiple time records being separated.

This is due to the maximum threshold being set to an extremely small value such as 0 or 1 hours causing it to trigger with more time records than expected.

In the example below, the employee is clocking in multiple times throughout the day for more accurate time tracking, but the low threshold is causing every record to be incomplete.


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