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Excluding Cost Codes

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Excluding a cost code will prevent policies from affecting a time record with the excluded cost code. This can be used for time records that should not count towards overtime calculations (such as paid time off), time roundings, or have auto-lunch applied.

Setting Up An Excluded Cost Code

  • To exclude a cost code, go to Manage and click on Policies.


  • Select an existing policy group or create a new group.


  • Enable Exclude Cost Codes if it has not been enabled yet with the checkbox. If it has been enabled, click Exclude Cost Codes.


  • From the Exclude Cost Code menu, select the cost code that should be ignored by your policies.


  • Save when finished.

How It Looks

In our example below, the employees time card has a time record with an excluded cost code, Vacation. Because the Vacation cost code has been excluded, the auto-lunches did not apply and it will not count towards overtime calculations and stay as regular time.


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