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How An Employee Can Review Other Employees Time

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Within ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile, it may be necessary for an employee to review another employee's time, such as for foreman and supervisors.

Within ExakTime Mobile

Time cards on ExakTime Mobile allow your employees to view the time cards of other employees. At this time, time cards on ExakTime Mobile only allow viewing of time. Editing/deleting is not currently supported.


For more information regarding Time Cards on ExakTime Mobile, please refer to the following article: Time Cards on ExakTime Mobile

Within ExakTime Connect

Setting Up The ExakTime Connect Security Role

By default, we offer an Administrator role and an Employee role. The Administrator role allows unrestricted access with ExakTime Connect, while the Employee role only allows the employee to review their own time. A foreman or supervisor though may fall in between those two roles.

  • Go to Manage and click on Security Roles.


  • Go to the ExakTime Connect security roles.


  • Click Add Security Role and enter an appropriate name.


  • On the right-hand side, look for and enable the necessary permission for Time Card Detail/Summary:
    • Access All: Allows role member(s) to view, edit, and delete time records.
    • View: Allow member(s) to only view time cards.
    • Edit: Allow member(s) to edit and view time cards.
    • Delete: Allow member(s) to delete and view time cards.

    If needed, you can also enable other permissions for the security role.

  • Press Save when finished.

Assigning A Security Role From Employee Page

  • Go to Manage in the Menu bar and select Employees.


  • Click the blue pencil icon to the left of an Employee’s name.


  • Scroll to the Security Roles section.
  • For the "ExakTime Connect Security Role", select the appropriate security role.
    • Enter the email of the employee in the "Contact Information" section if they did not have ExakTime Connect access before and enter a username for the employee to use.
      They will receive an email to verify the email and set up their password.


  • Press Save when finished. 

Reviewing Other Employees Time

Once they sign in ExakTime Connect, they will be able to access the Time Card Details page where they can review employees time and make corrections if able.


If the employee should only see certain employees time cards, then you can use employee viewsets to limit who can see who. For more information, please refer to the following article: Employee Viewsets

If you would like your employees to approve their time, you can refer to the following article: In-Depth: Time Card Approval

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