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How Can I Tell Where My Employees Were When They Clocked In or Out?

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As employees clock in and out, if there is available GPS data from the employee's mobile device, we will associate it to their time record. We will not generate our own GPS data and will always rely on the GPS data the mobile device provides. This GPS data can be reviewed to determine where an employee was and if they were in the vicinity at the time of clocking in or out.

In the example below, the employee clocked in to multiple locations with an assortment of results.


Hovering over the small i icon next to the start or top time will display additional information.

  • Blue icons denote no GPS data available for a time record. This can be due to the mobile device not providing GPS data to ExakTime Mobile when the time record was created, the time record was made in the office manually, or the time record was created by the system such as an auto-lunch or midnight split.


  • Green icons denote that the employee was within the GeoFence for the location at the time the record was created.


  • Gray icons denote that there is GPS data associated with the time record, but the location of the time record does not have a GeoFence set up. With no GeoFence, we cannot determine if the employee was within the vicinity or not.


  • Red icons denote that the mobile device was outside of the GeoFence of the location when the employee clocked in/out with how far the mobile device was from the GeoFence.


If there is GPS information associated with a time record, you can click the Globe icon to view the GPS information in Map View. For more information regarding Map View, you can refer to the following article: In-Depth: Map View


  • How_Can_I_Tell_Where_My_Employees_Were_When_They_Clocked_In_or_Out___360034234133__TCD_-_No_GPS_Data.png - Time record does not have GPS data.
  • How_Can_I_Tell_Where_My_Employees_Were_When_They_Clocked_In_or_Out___360034234133__TCD_-_Has_GPS_Data.png - Time record has GPS data which can be viewed in Map View.

Clicking the globe will take you to the Map View, which will show you where the mobile device of the employee was located and if possible, where they were in relation to their report location. 


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