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How to Add an Administrator to ExakTime Connect

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An administrator for ExakTime Connect is a user that would require unrestricted access to ExakTime Connect. There can be any number of administrators and is only limited within ExakTime Connect by the number of employee licenses available. Any person that is interacting with ExakTime in any fashion will consume an employee license, even if they do not track their time.

  • Go to Manage and click on Employees.


  • If the administrator is already entered as an employee, then A. click the pencil icon to the left of their name.
    Otherwise, B. click Add Employee at the top and enter the employee's information.


  • Scroll down until you reach the security role section and change the Connect Security Role to Administrator. If the employee does not have an email and username, enter them now.


  • Click Save at the bottom when finished. If the administrator is being set up for ExakTime Connect access for the first time, they will receive an email to confirm the email and to setup their password. This email/link will expire after 72-hours. This verification email can be resent from the employee's profile.


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