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How to Add Your JobClock or Hornet

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Adding a JobClock EX/LE or Hornet is crucial to ensuring that your employees time is associated to the correct location. The process for both is the same.

  • Go to Manage in the top menu bar then click on JobClocks from the menu.


  • You will see a list of any JobClocks already entered into the system.
  • Click Add JobClock.


  • Enter the serial number for your JobClock that is printed on the back of the device. Select the location for the JobClock. Click Add when finished.


  • Repeat this process as many times as necessary.



NOTE: The Serial Number is located on the back of the JobClock (EX or Hornet).

JobClock EX     JobClock Hornet

You may have noticed the following three columns on the JobClocks screen: JobClock Battery, Hornet Battery, and Last Collected. These status fields update each time records are sent in from the JobClocks. When adding a clock for the first time, these fields will be blank. To populate them, you will need to sync in a punch from the clock. To do this:

  1. Make sure the Hornet is powered on and connected
  2. On the Hornet, make a punch using a KeyTab
  3. Press & the release the round black button on the back of the Hornet

Once the yellow light stops flashing (indicating the sending of records) on the Hornet, refresh the JobClock page. You should now see the status fields populated.

For More Information Regarding JobClocks:

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