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How to Edit or Delete a Time Record

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As employees clock in/out with ExakTime Mobile or JobClocks, you may need to make corrections to their time records.

  • Go to Time Card and click on Time Card Details.


  • Go to the date range/pay period that you want to edit/delete time for and select the employee that needs their time card adjusted.


  • To edit a time record, you will click on the field that should be corrected or the pencil icon to the left of a time record. All the records and fields for the day will go into an edit mode. This is shown by boxes appearing around the fields. You can edit as many locations, cost codes, or times as needed.



  • To delete a time record, you can click the trash can button such as:


  • The time record to be deleted will appear grayed out like below.


  • Once you had made your adjustments/corrections, press Save. Once you click Save, the system will apply any necessary policies such as roundings, auto lunches, and overtime calculations.
  • If you are wanting to remove an auto lunch that has been generated for an employee, please refer to the following article: How To Remove An Auto Lunch
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