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How to Edit Time Records on ExakTime Mobile

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Users with the appropriate permission on ExakTime Mobile can edit any unsent time records that were made on their mobile device.

Setting Up ExakTime Mobile Security Role

The ability to edit records is given within ExakTime Connect in Security Roles.

  • Go to Manage and click on Security Roles.


  • While under ExakTime Mobile, select or create the appropriate security role that needs to be able to edit unsent time records.


  • Under Permissions, enable the option to Edit Time Records.


  • Click Save when finished.

Setting Up ExakTime Mobile

ExakTime Mobile will try to send off records after they are made by default. Once they are sent/synced or tried to be sent/synced, they are considered locked and cannot be edited.

To take advantage of this, the option to automatically send records should be disabled.

You may also want to consider setting the ExakTime Mobile sync interval to manual instead of every 2, 4, or 24 hours.

For Specific Devices

If you want only specific devices to not send records automatically, then you will need to adjust the settings for ExakTime Mobile on the device directly. You also can not use the Mobile Settings option within ExakTime Connect.

  • Sign in to ExakTime Mobile with an Administrator level PIN or with the PIN of a user
  • Press the three lines at the top left.


  • Press Settings.


  • If using iOS, go to General. If using Android, you will see the list of options immediately.
    Uncheck the option to send records after the employees clocks in/out.


For All Devices

If all devices should not send the records after they are made, you can use Mobile Settings to standardize the settings for all devices.

  • Go to Manage and click on Mobile Settings.


  • Enable Mobile Settings if it has not been enabled.


  • Disable "Send Records After They Are Made."


  • Click Save at the bottom.
  • The next time your employees sync their devices, they will receive these settings.

How The User Edits Time Records

After the employee(s) have clocked in, the user with the ability to edit time records can go to the History tab.


  • Unsent records will not have the words "Sent" on the icon. Tap on a record.
  • In the top right will be an Edit on iOS or three-vertical dots for Android. Tapping the button will allow you to edit the time record. 
    • Please note: If the device attempted to send the record, but was unsuccessful, you will not be able to edit the time record.
  • From there, adjust any information necessary for the time record.
  • When finished, press Done.
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