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How to Export Time to your Accounting Package

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Once you have completed correcting records on the Time Cards of ExakTime Connect you are now ready to export your time and attendance information. To follow these steps, you will need to open AccountLinx. If you do not have the AccountLinx software, please contact ExakTime to inquire further.

Step 1: Review Time Records


Before we can begin exporting any time from AccountLinx for your accounting package, the time for your employees should be reviewed and confirmed correct in ExakTime Connect. It is much easier to correct time in our system before it reaches your accounting package. Once you have confirmed that the time is ready for export, open AccountLinx.

Step 2: Select Your Payroll Date Range


Use the drop-down menu to select the Start and End date from the calendar, then click View. Only the time and attendance records that are inside this range will be made available to export.

Step 3: Perform Any Necessary Mappings


If you have added any new employees, locations, and/or cost codes to ExakTIme Connect, you may need to map these ExakTime entities to their accounting package equivalents. This can be done by either entering the appropriate ID or perform direct mappings, depending on the accounting package. 

In the top left of AccountLinx will be a series of options depending on the accounting package you are using:

  • Map Employees
  • Map Locations
  • Map Cost Codes

Perform any necessary mappings so the time data will be understood by your accounting package and populate properly. If you are unsure on how to map entities, you can refer to the following article: How to Map Entities in AccountLinx

Step 4: Select Employees to Export


Select the employees you are processing payroll for by checkmarking their names. Checkmarking an employee to export will also select all their time for the date range you are viewing. You can checkmark each employee individually or click All to select everyone. To remove a selection, uncheck the name or click Clear to unselect everyone. Italicized employee names represent employees that do not have time records for the payroll dates specified.

A good rule of thumb is to click All to select all employees, then uncheck any employee that has time that you don't want to export. If an employee doesn't have time, but they are selected for your export, nothing will be exported for them as they don't have any time, so it is okay to keep them selected.

Step 5: Export Your Time


Click Export from the toolbar when you are ready to export. Depending on the accounting package, two different things will happen:

  • For accounting packages such as QuickBooks and Sage 100 MasterBuilder, the time data will be exported directly into the accounting package.
  • For accounting packages such as Foundation, ADP, and ComputerEase, AccountLinx will generate a file that you will import into your accounting package. You will be asked where to save the file to begin to export process.


A window for the Export Progress screen will appear. As each employee’s daily records are exported, the results are displayed on the screen. The Export Progress screen will indicate when the export process is complete. Click Close when complete.


Note: After export, the records you transferred will no longer be visible in AccountLinx. This is designed to prevent you from exporting payroll data twice.

Step 6: Import the Records into Your Accounting Package*

*For accounting packages that we cannot connect to directly, you will need to import the file exported in the previous step into your accounting package.

Note: For some accounting programs, you may need to contact the support staff of your accounting program to help with importing the file. If this is the case please indicate you would like to import a file of records into their program. We’ve found that if you mention a third party program created the file, they’ll tell you they do not support it, even if they do have a known method of importing records. We’re happy to assist in any configuration issues that arise, although our support technicians have limited knowledge of other companies’ accounting programs and exactly how they are configured or used. It is safer to contact the support staff of the accounting company as they would be more knowledgable of the intricacies of your accounting program. 

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