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How to Use the Column Manager

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While we put certain columns for pages such as Time Card Detail or Employee lists, they can be adjusted to include more or less information.

The column manager icon is located on any page that allows customization of the available columns. The pages that currently allow column management are the Time Card Details, Employees, Locations, Cost Codes, and Shift Pay Codes page.


For pages such as the Employees, Locations, and Cost Code pages, you can click and drag the  column options from the Hide section to the Show section. Any option with a lock icon cannot be removed.



For the Time Card Details, columns can be added to include additional information.


Depending on the quantity of columns added, you may also need to resize the widths in order to see data in full. To do this:

  1. Hover over | on the left or right side of the column you wish to resize
  2. When the cursor changes shape, click and drag to set the desired size


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