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How We Use Location/GPS Data

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With ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile, Location/GPS data can be used to determine where a location is, where a mobile device was when an employee clocks in/out, and the overall movement of a mobile device.

We never generate our own Location/GPS data and instead rely on the Location/GPS data that the mobile device provides to us.

GPS Accuracy

A common question we are asked is how accurate is the GPS information that we are using. As we are 100% reliant on the GPS data provided by a mobile device, the GPS information we record is as accurate as whatever the mobile device provides to us.

For example, let's look below at a mapping application on an Android phone that is showing where it believes the phone is in the world.

The blue point at the center represents where the phone best believes it is and we can see that the blue point is drifting around the area slightly. Even though the phone is stationary, the GPS data that is provided to the mapping app is constantly being updated and can result in a "drift" as the phone is constantly changing where it believes it is. We can also see a light blue circle around the blue point which represents a margin of error of where the device could be. The light blue circle can grow and shrink as the phone tries to pinpoint where it is.


GPS Data With A Location

Locations in ExakTime Connect can have a GPS coordinate associated to help determine the overall size of a location called a "GeoFence." The GeoFence is not currently used to prevent an employee from clocking in/out if they are outside of the GeoFence, but to help the administrator determine if they were within the vicinity of the location when they clocked in/out. This GPS coordinate can be associated with any of the three methods:

  • When entering the address for a location in ExakTime Connect, our system will automatically search Bing Maps for the address and the associated GPS coordinate.
  • By entering the GPS coordinates manually for a location on ExakTime Connect.
  • When using ExakTime Mobile, a user with sufficient permission can use the GPS information from their mobile device at that moment and associate it to the location.


For more information on the setup and use of the GeoFence, you can refer to the following article: What Is the Geofence?

GPS Data When Clocking In/Out

ExakTime Mobile does not generate its own GPS information and relies on the information that the mobile device provides. This GPS information can be reviewed in two locations:

  • Map View on ExakTime Connect
  • Team View on ExakTime Mobile

Map View on ExakTime Connect

The GPS information associated with a time record will appear on a map in relation to the location of the time record. This allows the administrator to verify if the mobile device was within the vicinity of a location when clocking in/out.


Team View on ExakTime Mobile

After an employee clocks in, their last known recorded GPS during clock in is recorded and shown on Team View. After an employee clocks out, they will disappear from Team View.


GPS Data With GeoTrakker

GeoTrakker is a function of ExakTime Mobile that records the GPS data being given by the mobile device as it moves throughout the day. We call this recorded data "crumbs". As the crumbs are recorded throughout the day, you can review the general movement of the mobile device after it has been sent. This information can be reviewed on ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile by users with sufficient permission. Once the employee has clocked out, GeoTrakker will stop recording any crumbs.


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