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Is My Mobile Device Compatible?

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There are a few requirements for the latest copy of ExakTime Mobile to be installed on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets and to make use of all available features. If they are using an older mobile device, ExakTime Mobile may still work, but the device may not be able to get the latest updates.

Android Devices:

  • Android Operating System: Version 7 or later.
  • Access to Google Play Store
    • As of June 1st, 2019, ExakTime Mobile is no longer available on the Amazon App Store and will not receive any further updates. As a result, ExakTime Mobile on Kindle Fire devices will no longer be supported. If you already have ExakTime Mobile on an Amazon Kindle Fire, it will continue to work, but it not receive any further updates.
  • If using FaceFront, the device will need a front-facing camera.

ExakTime Mobile 2.75 is not currently compatible with Android OS 6. Using any version newer than OS 6 will allow ExakTime Mobile 2.75 to be compatible.

iOS Devices:

  • iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch:Version iOS 10 or later
  • Calendar setting must be set to Gregorian
    • To make sure that your calendar is set to Gregorian, open the Settings app > Select General > Select Language & Region > Make sure that the Calendar is set to Gregorian.
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