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Overtime Policies

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While employees are working throughout the work week, you may need to track if they work over their normal work schedule and begin to receive overtime or even doubletime. The tracking of the overtime can be based to the employee and/or the location worked.

Please Note: If an employee has both employee and location overtime, it will use the overtime rule that the employee would qualify for first. e.g. An employee has worked 12 hours today and they have two daily overtime rules, employee and location. The employee has the following overtime rules:

  • Employee Daily Overtime Policy: Anything over 8 regular hours is overtime.
  • Location Daily Overtime Policy: Anything over 9 regular hours is overtime.

Based on the rules above, the employee would receive 8 regular hours and 4 overtime rules as they qualify for the employee daily overtime first.

While this article covers our overtime policies, we also have articles for employee and location based policies: Employee Policies and Location Policies

Employee Based Overtime

Employee based overtime is setup with your policy groups. When the policy group is assigned to an employee, their time will be calculated based on the overtime rules for that policy group.

Finding Employee Policies

  • To begin, go to "Manage" and click on "Policies."
  • Click on the policy group to adjust or create a new group. For more information regarding the creation of a new policy group, please refer to the following article: How to Create a New Employee Policy Group

Employee Overtime Policies

  • Weekly Overtime is used to calculate an employee’s overtime and double-time over a week or biweekly basis.
  • Daily Overtime can calculate an employee’s overtime on a daily basis.
  • Day of the Week Overtime helps you calculate overtime or doubletime that is dependent on a specific day.
  • Consecutive Day Overtime is for when an employee should receive overtime that is dependent if they work six or seven days in a row.

Location Based Overtime

Finding Location Policies

  • Go to Manage, then click on Locations.


  • Click the pencil icon to the left of any location.


  • Within the location details, click "Policies.


Location Overtime Policy

Daily Overtime can calculate an employee's overtime on a daily basis that is working for the selected location.


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