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In-Depth: Crews and Groups

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Groups (or also known as Crews for employees) are a feature that allows you to group Employees, Locations or Cost Codes for organizational purposes within ExakTime Mobile. Any groups made within ExakTime Connect are sent to all ExakTime Mobile devices.

This article goes over the setup and creation of crews and groups on ExakTime Connect. If you are interested in letting ExakTime Mobile users create their own crews/groups, you can refer to the following article: How to Create Crews/Groups In ExakTime Mobile

Enabling Groups for ExakTime Mobile

If you are wanting to use Groups for ExakTime Mobile, you will first need to enable the option. If you are only wanting it to function for ExakTime Connect, be aware that only Employee Groups are used in ExakTime Connect for Employee Viewsets.

If you are still setting up your Groups, you can wait until your Groups have been set up to enable this option.

  • Go to Manage then click on Company Settings.


  • Click on Other.


  • Check the checkbox for "Show employee, cost code, and locations groups in ExakTime Mobile."


  • Click Save.

Accessing Groups & Overview

Go to Manage then click on Groups.



  • A. Groups - Groups for Employees, Locations or Cost Codes for ExakTime Mobile.
  • B. Selected Group
  • C. Edit Group Name - Modify how the group name is shown to others.
  • D. Add X Group - Add a group for the selected subject.
  • E. Delete Selected Group
  • F. A list indicating what has or has not been associated to the selected group.

Adding A Group

  • Click Add Employee Group and specify the name for the group that will be shown to ExakTime Mobile users.



  • Select what you wish to be associated to this group with the checkbox to the left of an employee name.


  • Once the group has been finalized, you will click the check box next to "Show this group in ExakTime Mobile"

Things to Note:

  • Any selections made will be be automatically saved.
  • If you need to switch between groups, you can use the drop down menu located in the top left.


How Groups Are Used in Exaktime Connect

On ExakTime Connect, Groups are only used for Employee Viewsets to quickly set them up. Instead of setting up the viewsets for each employee individually, you can instead set up the employee group first, then set the employee's viewset to the group. This makes it easier to adjust multiple employee's viewsets if they are set to a group by updating the group.

For more information about viewsets, you can refer to the following article: Employee Viewsets


How ExakTime Mobile Users Will See Groups

When using ExakTime Mobile, employees will see the group names first when clocking in for themselves or for others.

After a selection has been made, ExakTime Mobile will show the last used group for the next clock in to speed up the process. This is called "sticky groups."

To leave a sticky group, they will need to back out of the group they are currently viewing.

When using ExakTime Mobile version 2.63 and lower, when viewing the employee groups in conjunction with employee viewsets, groups will ignore viewsets and will show the logged in user all the employees in that group, even if they are not part of their viewset.

 Starting in ExakTime Mobile 2.64, an employee must be in another employees viewset to clock them in on ExakTime Mobile. In addition, if an employee's viewset is set to "Selected Employees Only," then they will not be able to view employee groups made on ExakTime Connect. 

Employee Groups/Crews


Location Groups


Cost Code Groups


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