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In-Depth: Equipment

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Equipment is used to help track how long an employee used a piece of equipment. This can be done by your employees in the field by selecting the equipment used while clocking in on ExakTime Mobile or in the office via Time Card Details.

Please Note: Our equipment tracking is intended to only track the duration that equipment was used. It is not designed for checking out equipment. If an employee selects a piece of equipment that they are using, it will not disappear from other employees equipment list.

Enabling Equipment

Turning on Equipment is done from Company Settings on ExakTime Connect.

Go to Manage and click on Company Settings.


Click on the Optional Features tab and enable Equipment.



Click Save at the bottom.

After saving, you may need to sign out and back in for the option to appear under Manage.


Permissions for Equipment

Allowing Access to Equipment in ExakTime Connect

To only allow certain users to access Equipment on ExakTime Connect, you can tailor the ability within Security Roles. Administrators will have permanent access to this by default.

Go to Manage and click on Security Roles.


Click on the ExakTime Connect tab.


Click on the role that should have access or create a new role. Administrators will have the option enabled by default.


In the permissions to the right, enable the settings for Equipment as needed.


Click Save at the bottom. 

Allowing Permission to Add and Track Equipment from ExakTime Mobile

You can allow certain ExakTime Mobile users the ability to add new equipment and track equipment usage.

Go to Manage and click on Security Roles.


Click on the ExakTime Mobile role that should have access or add a new security role.


In the permissions to the right, enable the ability to add Equipment.


Click Save at the bottom. 

Adding Equipment Types

Equipment types are the types of equipment being used such as commercial vehicles, construction vehicles, power tools, etc.

Go to Manage and click on Equipment.


Click on Equipment Type.


Click Add Equipment Type.


Give the equipment type a name and click Add or Add & New if you want to add more equipment types.


Adding New Equipment

Equipment will be the specific equipment that your employees will be selecting when they clock in. These can be the vehicles they are driving such as Truck #1 or the specific power tool they are using.

Go to Manage and click on Equipment.


You should already be viewing the Equipment tab. Click Add Equipment.


The only required information will be the name of the equipment. The name is what will be seen by your employees when selecting the equipment on ExakTime Mobile, what will be seen on the Time Card Detail and in your reports.


Click Save when finished.  

Preparing Time Card Details for Equipment

With Equipment enabled, a tab for Equipment can be added through the column manager for the Time Card Details to see what equipment was used for a time record.


Using Equipment

Equipment can be selected by ExakTime Mobile users or by Time Card administrators.

On ExakTime Mobile

As employees clock in, they will see an additional option to select the equipment. They can select multiple pieces of equipment. Once finished, they would click Next and continue the Clocking In process. If they are not using any equipment, they can click Next without selecting any equipment.


On Time Card Detail

When reviewing/editing an employees time card, you can select the equipment that should be associated to a time record.


Reviewing Equipment Usage

Equipment usage can be reviewed through the time card details of an employee or through the reports. 

With Time Card Detail

While reviewing an employees time card, the equipment used will be shown in the Equipment column.


If a time record has multiple pieces of equipment, it will say "Multiple" with a small icon that you can hover over to see a list of associated equipment.


With Reports

Equipment specific reports can be used to review the equipment usage by an employee, for a location, the cost of the equipment usage for a location, and the status of the equipment.

These reports can be found by going to Manage and using any of the available Equipment reports. 



An example of the Equipment by Employee is below.


 For more information regarding reports, please refer to the following article: Reports Walkthrough

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