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In-Depth: ExakTime Mobile Forms

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ExakTime Forms allows you to have users/employees answer questions when clocking out for the day.

The default questions currently offered are the following:

  • "Were you injured on the job today?"
  • "Did you take all of your meals and breaks?"

At the end of the process, it will ask your employees to confirm the answers to the questions above with a quick signature on the mobile device.

The information will be presented to your within ExakTime Connect in the ExakTime Forms Viewer section.

Enabling ExakTime Mobile Forms


Go to "Manage" then click on "Company Settings."


Within "Company Settings" click on "Other."


The option for ExakTime Forms will be near the bottom.

Each option has a check box for which option you would like to ask your employees.

After you have selected the appropriate options, press "Save" at the bottom.

After any changes are made, your employees will see the questions after they sync their ExakTime Mobile device to see the latest adjustments.

What Employees See

The employees will see the same questions, but the overall look will depend on the type of mobile device they will be using.


Reviewing Their Responses

After employees have answered the questions, their responses can be reviewed within ExakTime Connect.


Go to "Tools" in the top menu bar, then go to "ExakTime Forms Viewer."


Your employee responses can be seen as shown. The date range can be changed if needed to show only responses from this month, today, this week, last two weeks, or all responses.

Printing Their Responses

Employee responses can also be printed out and/or exported into a support file type.

Go to Reports.


Click "ExakTime Forms Report" from the left hand menu.


Select the date range and adjust any formatting, report specific options or filters you require for the report.


Click "View Report" at the bottom.


Your report will be generated and be ready for you to print or save.


For more information regarding the generation of reports, please refer to the following article: Reports Walkthrough

Setting Up ExakTime Mobile Forms for Time Cards

Viewing ExakTime Mobile Form responses on your Time Card Details allows you to quickly view employees responses while reviewing their time cards.

Turning On Mobile Form Responses For Time Cards

Go to "Manage" and click on "Company Settings."


Click on "Optional Features."


Enable "Mobile Form Responses on Time Card Views."


Click "Save" at the bottom.

Select The Mobile Form Responses To Appear In Time Cards

Go to "Tools" and click on "Time Card Form Response Selector."


Select the form to show the questions available.


Check the box to the left of the Mobile Form questions that you want displayed


Any changes done are saved automatically.

Granting Permissions 

For non-Administrators, they will need to be given permissions to view and/or editing Mobile Form Responses.

Go to "Manage" and click on "Security Roles."


Click on "ExakTime Connect."


Select or add the role that will be given permission.


Select the appropriate level of access for Mobile Form Responses on Time Cards.


Click Save at the bottom of the page. 

Adding Mobile Form Responses To Your Time Card

Go to "Time Card" and click "Time Card Details."


Click the "Column Manager." 

Click and drag the mobile form question from the Hide to the Show column.

Mobile Form columns have a green bar in the column Manager.


Editing ExakTime Mobile Form Responses

In the event that an employee answered their ExakTime Mobile Forms incorrectly (e.g. user error), an administrator or user with appropriate permissions can edit the responses from the Time Card Details page. At this time, Mobile Form responses can only be edited from ExakTime Connect.

To the left of a time record will be the Mobile Forms icon Overview__ExakTime_Mobile_Forms__229666907__Icon_-_Mobile_Forms.png.

Clicking the icon will show the Mobile Forms menu where you can adjust the responses as needed. Once the responses have been adjusted, press Save.


Using the ExakTime Forms Report

The Employee ExakTime Forms Report displays the employee responses to ExakTime forms without the need to thumb through the time cards. As with all reports, this comes in a .PDF print ready format.

To access this report, go to Reports>Employee>ExakTime Forms Report.


Choose a date range to pull and adjust the formatting as needed. Included with this report are some Report Specific Options that help further refine the report before viewing.


  • Show Employee ID: Have employees' IDs appear on the report
  • Show Location ID: Show location IDs on the report
  • Show Cost Code ID: Display cost code IDs on the report
  • Sort By: Sort the included employees by their names or IDs
  • Display Question As: Choose to show the full questions or just the summarized name of the question on the report (EX: "Were you injured at work today?" vs. "Injured" )
  • Include responses associated with deleted time records: Choose to have any responses that are tied to previously delete records show on the report
  • Hide Signature images: choose whether or not the employee signatures show on the report
  • Show each employee on a separate page: Have the report only show one employee per page

An example of this report can be seen below:


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